Cyclone dust collector with variable grain size; capture efficiency up to 85-90% of the product present in the air flow.

Technical Features:
  • Made by iron sheet and variable thickness according to the physical characteristics of the product to be separated and the scope to reuse the product collected.
  • Internal coating wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant (as optional)
  • Separation High-efficiency decanting cone
  • Provided with anchoring plates to existing frames (or brand new if required)
  • Tangential inlet for dusty air.
  • Supplied with ATEX certified anti-explosion devices (where required)
  • Possibility to install clogging control systems


  • Installation low-costs
  • Maintenance low-costs
  • Dust separation high efficiency
  • Suitable for any kind of dust
  • Not required any connections (electrical or hydraulic)
  • No energy consumption



  • Dust abatement plants, pneumatic transport lines in wood and panel industries, mechanical industries, recycling plants, glass, inerts, foundries, etc.

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