Dosing bins

Small silo with conical section, suitable for storing bulk materials. Storage capacity usually between 0.5 m³ and 5 m³. It self-regulates to assure the correct quantity of material in a batch. Can be fitted with more than one outlet to divide materials for different uses, such as feeding boilers, pellet production, and loading trucks. Inlet and outlet points are normally fitted with rotary valves to seal the bin against backflow. A rotary arm inside the bin facilitates the discharge at the outlet points.

Technical features:
  • Solid structure made of painted iron sheet or galvanized iron sheet
  • Minimum and maximum gauges to check level
  • Gear motor below the bin drives internal rotary arm
  • Even supply of material from outlet points
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Batching materials for boilers
  • Distribution of materials for various uses

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