Project details

  • Anno di realizzazione: 2016
Moving floor extractors

Extraction system for all types of silo bunkers, with two or three alternating moving parts, driven by pistons.

Technical features:
  • Dimensions: suitable for all silo bunkers;
  • Movement generated by two alternate pistons with position switch
  • Hydraulic system guarantees oil pressure level on pistons;
  • Steel structure designed to deal with the loads to which the pistons are subjected
  • Anchorage points set in concrete;
  • No material backflow.


  • Efficient extracting system;
  • Low maintenance cost;
  • Low energy consumption
  • High standard of hydraulic equipment;
  • Material unloaded on one side with possibility of installing a worm screw conveyor, a belt conveyor or a chain conveyor;
  • Material stored in underground cement silos reduces need for outside space
  • Extraction of bulk material at plants for biomass plants or dryer plants

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