Bag filters

Modular system designed to separate air from solid pollutants. Consists of a hopper to collect pollutants, self-cleaning filtering section and a clean-air discharge system.

Technical features:
  • Modular system designed according to airflow
  • Galvanized steel structure (or painted steel on request);
  • Thickness of iron sheet variable according to dust type
  • Collect hopper with worm screw extractor.
  • Adjustable support legs
  • Inlet air goes directly into hopper or a plenum.
  • Protects against risk of explosions and fire, in compliance with ATEX guidelines
  • Anti-clogging system (on request)
  • Ladder and railings allow safe access to top of filters for maintenance
Cleaning systems:
  • “Pulse Jet”: cleaning system using compressed air, with control panel.
  • “Reverse flow”: cleaning system using additional fans
  • “Shaking”: cleaning system using vibrating motors
  • Sized according to customers’ needs
  • Low maintenance costs
  • High efficiency
  • Usable with all dusts types
  • Low energy consumption
  • Filtering systems in woodworking industries, panel industries, mechanical industries, recycling plants, inert materials plants, foundries, glassware.

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