A scrubber is a type of filter – usually made of polypropylene – in which polluted air is filtered through several layers of packing and saturated with nebulized water. When the nebulized water comes into contact with the air, the pollutants are dragged into a tank at the bottom of the filter. The deposited sludge can be removed periodically.

Technical features:
  • Sized according to customers’ needs
  • Modular system designed according to airflow
  • Built in accordance with ATEX guidelines (on request)
  • Inspection doors
  • Pollutants chemically neutralized
  • Low running and maintenance costs
  • High air capacity
  • Suitable for flammable dust
  • High filtering efficiency

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    vi invitiamo a visitare su youtube
    il nostro oblò termoformato in materiale plastico
    ARBLO’ per scrubbers
    per info:
    Ambrogio Rizzo
    0362 558547


    We GreenBlocks in Coevorden (NL) operate a scrubber supplied by IMAL.
    Behind this scrubber a centrifugal ventilator is connected.
    Please send us the ventilator data, we need to know the relationship between pressure drop and ventilation capacity (m3/h)
    I have a picture of the machine ID plate; please provide an email adress and I will sent it right away.
    Harry Westerbeek

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