Mion&Mosole was established over 40 years ago, serving joineries and the firstly organized wood-transformation industries densely located throughout north-eastern Italy and Trentino, the areas that still call for constant service and assistance to this day. Over the years the company branched out, developing a business strategy that enabled it to service other regions in Italy through a highly qualified sales organization.

The advent of the European Common Market and the exponential growth in rapidly emerging countries saw Mion&Mosole anticipate the market trends and successfully begin to export its technologies as well as the expertise acquired over the years.

Our technology, applied to modern machines and wood-transformation lines, permits us to offer our customers the right solution in order to optimize the production process and increase product quality.

Efficient extraction is extremely important because it facilitates the removal of the wood shavings and keeps the machine at high performance levels.

Today – like 40 years ago – the productivity of a machine is crucial because it means efficiency and effectiveness for any wood-working process, from sawing to sanding, from edging to finishing. Quality extraction is therefore a vital factor for the peak performance and reliability of the machines.

Special care must be paid to the quality of the work environment and the safety of the area where operations are carried out. Consequently, our company always takes into account local and international norms regarding emissions into the air and workplace health and safety.