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Our history

Since 1968 MION&MOSOLE I.A.I. Spa has been designing and constructing dust extraction and air scrubbing systems with bag filters, fans and dust storage silos, plus other systems such as extracting, pneumatic conveying, crushing and refining systems as well as energy saving, deodorizing, fumes scrubbing, pelletizing and waste processing systems.

The company has expanded over the years with a view to meeting the changing demands of an increasingly demanding market, constantly enhancing its professionalism and updating its expertise in order to supply “turnkey” systems in compliance with the strictest European norms, including the recent ATEX directive.

Today, a great number of Mion&Mosole systems are installed throughout the world with applications that cater to a wide range of industries.



Mion&Mosole was established over 40 years ago, serving joineries and the firstly organized wood-transformation industries densely located throughout north-eastern Italy and Trentino, the areas that still call for constant service and assistance to this day.


The market’s increasing demand for alternative energy sources to fossil fuel has led Mion&Mosole to specialize in the supply of solutions – including “turnkey” solutions – of complete plants for the industrial production of pellets and briquettes.


The production process resulting from the processing and separating of different types of materials requires plants that are able to collect and to dispose the dust that is generated during the various stages

Wood Panel

Mion&Mosole is present on the global marketplace with utmost professionalism and expertise acquired over the years, developing extraction and filtering systems for the major manufacturers and processing companies of MDF, HDF, PB boards and plywood


Mion&Mosole designs and creates extraction systems for all those mechanical processes that entail the presence of fumes coming from several types of operations such as welding, cutting, fusion, and liquid metal casting.

Aggregates industries

Mion&Mosole designs and manufactures exhaust systems dedicated to industry aggregates, where is needed the handling of wood-based fuels for the operation of the plant

Where we are

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