Quality analyses, design and implementation are at the basis of our work

The Company


The Mion&Mosole systems – designed by a team of highly qualified technicians – guarantee product reliability and compliance with all the applicable norms regarding environmental protection, workplace health and safety, machine and equipment safety


Moreover, with a view to supplying its customers improved service and reliability Mion&Mosole has set up an in-house test and analyses laboratory where the machines are tested with the customer’s product.


The construction of system components is carried out in the factory workshop covering over 13.000m2 and equipped with the latest automatic machines. This enables an efficient control of the production process and customers are thus guaranteed to receive prime quality products.


The cooperation with its partners and commitment to constantly improving the performance of its products have resulted in the construction of custom-made plants that respond to the most diversified needs.

The company’s entire production process is organized in conformity with the most advanced international standards in order to ensure integral quality and value that fully meets the customer’s needs and achieves total satisfaction.

Quality analyses, design and implementation with constantly enhanced expertise and know-how as well as value planning and total focus on the new regulations and quality standards are at the basis of our work every day.


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